The proud Leader of the Dragon Clan, also known as The Dragon Ancestor by her fellow clan members.

Devoid of expression, she is intense and just, like a ruler should be.

She has the power to control thunders, to the degree of changing celestial phenomena. Thus, she’s nicknamed “Walking Weather Hazard” by Witch Empress Mao.   

(Story optimized by adventurer: Kifos)   


Skill name Skill Description
Ancestor's Thunder Lance Deal real damage to enemies in front and stun target.
Glorious Thunderstorm Deal real damage to all enemies.
Invincible on Earth Increase attack, skill damage and anomaly resistance.(Immune to debuff at max level.)
Restriction Override Lock HP to 1 upon fatal damage, entering Beserk and resetting all skill CD.

Basic Stats

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
Basic ATK 764 Crit 5% Restoration 105
Basic HP 804 Crit Damage 175% Def 432
Attack Interval 1

Gaining Method

  • Character Summon

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: Ancient Dragon Rider
  • Title Attribute: Increase attack of light type characters in the party by 80%