Mercenary of Kradict Federal, her ruby eyes is a dead giveaway of her status as offspring between human and demon, but she is a Demon Hunter aiming who kills demons for a living.

    The middle one of the Demon Hunter Sisters, what' s different about her is that she rarely talks while her Demonic Sword Zaruba is really showstopper.

    With her half-blood of demon, she can communicate with her sword. She' s also the only one who has not been corrupted by the sword.


Skill name Skill Description
Slash Deal water damage to enemies. Knock back enemies.
Swallow Deal water damage to enemies, restore HP equal to a certain percentage of damage received.
Demonic Sword Zaruba After a number of attacks, lose some HP and increase Attack. Stackable.
Semi-Demon's Soul When HP is lower than certain value, reduce Damage received as well as Attack.

Basic Stats

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
Basic ATK 320 Crit 5% Restoration 110
Basic HP 597 Crit Damage 160% Defense 478
Attack Interval 1.5

Gaining Method

  • Sequel Event Summon

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: Sword of Revelation
  • Title Attribute: Increase HP of the party by 20%