A secluded member of the Dragon Clan who lives in a small cave on Dragonhead Cliff.

    Though she looks like a child, she talks more like an elder. She's also one of the few dragons who broke the Curse and regained the True Dragon Power. She doesn't like to talk about herself and is indifferent to all the matters of the world. Only being around Niya seems to improve her mood.

    To seek a method of removing the Curse, she once participated in the war in the western lands. In order to protect the person she trusted the most, she transformed into a true dragon. However, she was betrayed by that human and went back to her hometown in frustration.

    From then on, she decided to "hate humans, especially kids," . But when he meets hard-working kids, she still \ncan' t stop himself from lending them a hand.   


Skill name Skill Description
Quasar Deal AoE light damage to enemies in front and reduces their action points by 1.
Unsealed Dragon α Deal light damage and attach Lock spell to enemies in front. Extend the length of weaken period of Boss and raise HP limit to expel weaken status.
Dragon Hermit Increase character's Attack and Debuff Resistance.
Dragon Type When using skill, restore some HP for the party.

Basic Stats

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
Basic ATK 652 Crit 5% Restoration 120
Basic HP 777 Crit Damage 155% Defense 417
Attack Interval 0.9

Gaining Method

  • Coming Soon

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: Dragon Rider
  • Title Attribute: Fill the hole in her heart. Increases attack of Dragon Clan characters in the party by 100%