The Spirit of Tower of Winter, pact name' s Hera Haromina.

    She signed the agreement with headmaster of Tower of Seasons, becoming the guardian of  Tower of Winter. A water elementalist master with a soft voice.

    Different from other Spirits, she rarely teach others, only top water elementalist can enter her private class.

    No one has saw her eyes wide open. It seems she' s surrounded by fogs, which makes people feel time slows down around her.


Skill name Skill Description
Winter Sonata Deal water damage to enemies. Reduce enemy Attack. Knock down enemy.
Everfrost Tundra Deal water damage to all enemies and grant immunity to next debuff to the party. If enemies have buff then Freezing Seal will be attached: Freeze boss' Action Points increased.
Spiritual Realm-Winter Increase debuff hit rate of water characters in the party and reduce their damage.
Ice-Point Dominator When battle starts, party gains Times Shield.

Basic Stats

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
Basic ATK 1158 Crit 5% Restoration 110
Basic HP 1158 Crit Damage 155% Defense 1158
Attack Interval 1

Gaining Method

  • Character Summon

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: Silver Grey Realm
  • Title Attribute: Increase attack of water type characters in the party by 80%