A mature gentleman, one of the Octo Leaders of Sacred Alliance.

A symbol of the darkness of the Alliance. Born in darkness, and grow up in darkness. He was involved in many actions in the name of Justice in the dark. He becomes numb in paradox and self-blaming, losing his emotions.

He wants to find out Light again as well as the feeling of a human being. What he evokes now is just reflex from his memories rather his true feelings.


Skill name Skill Description
Devil Terminator - Sky Breaker Deal dark damage to an enemy. (Deal real damage if at max level) Knock back enemies.
Devil Terminator - Instant Deal dark damage to all enemies. (Deal real damage if at max level) Knock down enemies.
Crow Master Increase light Resistance and skill damage.
Hearted Moon Curse of Chimera. If enemy has 1 debuff, damage dealt increases.

Basic Stats

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
Basic ATK 616 Crit 10% Restoration 100
Basic HP 612 Crit Damage 155% Defense 484
Attack Interval 0.9

Gaining Method

  • Character Summon
  • Event - Goddess' 8-day Romance

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: Dispeller of Darkness
  • Title Attribute: Become Envoy of Justice incarnated in darkness. Increases skill damage modifier of dark type characters in the party by 16%.